The Leopard and Galogalo


A story about how the desperate desire for vengeance against a cunning creature becomes the undoing of an unwise Leopard. In disregard of his wife’s advice, Leopard becomes friends with a shrewd animal called the Galogalo. The Galogalo suggests that Leopard should allow him paint beautiful spots on his cubs. Excited by the plan, and against his wife’s advice Leopard takes his cubs away for the spot-painting. However, Galogalo kills and eats all of the cubs. Leopard, with assistance of the king makes many attempt to trap Galogalo , with no luck. Finally Galogalo kills Leopard and makes him into a stew. The stew pot is stolen by Dog, and when Galogalo goes to court to complain he is found guilty and sentenced to death. An exciting story book, with a great moral hook, meaty story and lively illustration.

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